One left

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    * Music, the famous and the not so... but all damn good.

    * Riley McMahon - producer, pirate, picker of any damn thing with strings on it.

    • Tony Lauria - piano, organ, accordion, the maestro of understatement

    * Joe Deninzon - Violinist, international man of mystery!

    * Don Dilego - Singer/Songwriter

    * Max Low and Rachel Macintosh - Artists, musicians, singers, writers, sad little stars

    * Katie Elevitch - great voice, great lyrics, great time.

    * The Clash - I just love these guys

    * Big Bill Broonzy - Good site by some high school kids

    * Hank Williams - All things Hank

    * Vladimir Vysotsky - You don't need to understand him, it's as clear as day, just listen to him.

    * Woody Guthrie - "This machine kills fascists"

    * Lou Reed - still the man

    * Bruce Springsteen - The boss

    * Patti Rothberg - Beautiful New York rocker.

    * Kenny White - I had an album by him for awhile before I sat and listened, I like this guy.

    * Spottiswoode and his Enemies - These kids dabble in, well, damned near anything.

    * Chip Withrow - Cool dude

    * Union Songs - (includes the one left song "working overtime")

    • Comstock Records - Promoter of folks they like.

    * Moxie Radio - Great internet radio (Live365 and Shoutcast)a

    * Music Boot Camp lots of services for the independant musician.

    * Rascals Roads and Dames radio all about men and the roads they travel.

    * Slinga's Independant Country - Great Australian Country Station

    * CD Baby


   * El Camino - where the journey continues

    * Grant Spangler - Pilgrim, fountain of knowledge, host of a great Camino group

    * Free Highway - independant film maker, pilgrim.

          new DVD "Welcome" about the Hospitales and Hospitaleros.

    * Tales from the Camino - John Mifsud - Pilgrim blogger

    * Sue Kenney - Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Leader

          new DVD "Las Peregrinas" about women walkers

    * Camino Santiago - All things Camino

    * Peregrinations - International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art

    * American Pilgrims - Uniting U.S. pilgrims, both past and present.