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"This album is easy to describe - superb... This is a modern project steeped in traditionalism, it is sort of at the point where John Prine meets Jimmie Rodgers with 13 story songs written by lead vocalist Rick Rowland. Rowland has a great voice and a real feel for traditional music as do the rest of this Washington, DC based band.

Sven Abow plays effective drums whilst Eric Leifert keeps his upright bass tight. Riley McMahon is a real treasure playing guitars, mandolin, banjo, lap steel, harmonica and organ and singing backup as though he were living and playing seventy or so years ago." -- Pete Smith, Country Music Round Up Magazine, England

"I like my country music raw ­ I’ll take Keith Urban once in a while, but I’ll listen to Hank Williams’ Low Down Blues over and over again. One Left’s "Songs from the Wound" has Hank’s stripped-down cool. From the first fiddle-like-a-freight-train-comin’ of “Adios Mi Corazon", One Left reeled me in. Okay, I thought, that song rocks like a Bakersfield roadhouse, but can these guys keep it up? Absolutely.

Singer Rick Rowland has the fitting whiskey-soaked drawl for this kind of music. He also wrote every tune on Songs from the Wound, and he pens straightforward lyrics that are twists on familiar country themes.

Too often, I listen to the local radio stations and wonder whatever happened to the traditional country music I like. I was beginning to figure maybe it was a figment of my imagination, a fusion that only I could hear of the Clash’s “Brand New Cadillac” and that old Waylon Jennings record of my dad’s.

Songs from the Wound is a true find, a CD that’s real close to my elusive ideal. You want to get back to the roots of country? Forget Nashville. Try a disc like this, hardcore backwoods sounds by way of Brooklyn and Washington, D.C. " -- Chip Withrow, The Muse's Muse

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"I'm very impressed, every song on the record is excellent. From the songwriting to the vocals, and the boys in the band couldn't be more dead on.... They're the "gravy"! That's real excellent playing!

I never like to compare artists and always try to find everyone's unique individual slice.... So, with that said can't help but feel and hear a lot of (Lou Reed, Hank, Kris, Earle, Gram Parsons) in your vocals and songwriting... and that's said as I'm holding a mug of beer up in your honor. Great New Record! Keep It Up!" -- Teresa Hamilton, Program Director MOXIE Radio

“The CD “Songs From The Wound“ is a tribute to the song writing of lead singer Rick Rowland & the musicianship of this Independent Band & their unique sound, a great CD“ -- Slinga's Independent Artist Showcase 88.9 WYN FM. MELBOURNE.

"One Left is a special singer, and his way to present his songs is also special. Maybe I'm an old freak as remember when the STEREO SOUND entered the country music, and the different studios did all they could to impress the listeners. I donít think One Left wants to impress anybody with his music set up, but he is an artist as have ear for the small things as mean a lot... it's real good and awake attention. Artist One Left will be a pleasant surprise for my listening audience, and I can't nearly wait to present (them)." -- Dann Hansen. Roskilde Radio, Denmark

“Upright bass, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and lap steel « the third production of the Washington, D.C. band One Left is a traditional one... Lead singer Rick Rowland wrote all of the songs, and his songwriter friend Rick Kanton helped out on a track... Rowland jokes that he hopes one day to sing as well as Kris Kristofferson although he may be "aimin' high".

The songs tell the stories of life, and the lyrics have depth and substance. They remind of songwriters like Steve Earle or John Prine. Examples? John Killinger tells the story of someone whoÃs been on the streets fending for himself since the age of twelve. Cheap Hotels gives testimony of the straight road into the bottomless pit of booze and cheap hotels after a great love has ended. Other titles, from Tonight Put A Ribbon In Your Hair to True LoveÃs So Hard To Lose or Every Dream I Dream are songs about relationships, but with lyrics that go far beyond the general and superficial “I love you and you love me.“ -- BRUNO MICHEL Country Music Journalist, Switzerland (Translation by Ruth Boggs)

**** "Take the style of, say, a John Prine, or the late Townes van Zandt, and hook it up with a musical backing circa the era of Hank Williams, and you've got this one dialed in. Take rock solid rhythm, embellish it with McMahon's strings, add some guest piano and fiddle icing to complement the flavour of Rick Rowland's writing, the main ingredient, and pop it into the changer for a tad over 46 minutes. Presto! A baker's dozen, 13 slices of primo Americana." Don Grant, Freight Train Boogie

“Great singer and band - lots of good songs on this album“ -- Shetland Radio BBC, Scotland

“Super album - Adios Mi Corazon one of the best tunes - but lots to choose from!“ -- Osttirol Radio, Austria.

“Beautiful album - special favorite songs Every Dream I Dream and Hey Lordy Mama“ -- KCR 97, Ireland

"...beautiful release. I’ve enjoyed listening to your great music and beautiful songs and I will give your disc regular airplay because you’re damn good!" -- Raymond Swennen Radio FM GOUD, Belgium

Top 5 Artists for August -- Alt Country Cooking, Netherlands

"Excellent style of music - Adios Mi Corazon our first pick" -- Terre Franche 105.9, Belgium

"Will be my Album of the week! - Adios Mi Corazon playlisted" -- Compagnie Radio, Netherlands

"Every so often I get a disc from One Left. In the six years since I last heard the boys, there's been something of a shift in sound - what had simply been nods to roots rock have blossomed into full-blown americana. Tinged with a bit of the ol' VU/Big Star brooding, of course. No matter how much you evolve, there's no use to ditching your old personality entirely. One Left may feature fiddle and some lap steel, but the heart of these songs is still a bittersweet swipe at life and the things it does for you.

Which is why the gulf between the Zombies and Buck Owens isn't quite so wide as you might think. Take away the window dressing and you've got folks simply trying to make sense of life. One Left songs are wittier than most, and the garage country sound of this album is most attractive. There's an awful lot of heart in these songs." -- Aiding and Abetting

Featured on "Unsigned Underground" WVOF Podcast 11/26/05 Podcast

"On our CD spotlite! - This is a very good album - I like the sound of One Left!" -- Country Jukebox Radio, France

"Really enjoyed this CD- Vocalist excellent - will get lots of Airplay here" -- Isles FM Radio, Scotland

"Special music and special voice!" -- Dandelion Radio, Denmark

"Excellent stuff! Great disc... " Jeffrey Jones, music director WOJB, Hayward, WI

"Thanks for the great CD, your music is terrific! " Sarah Blick - Kenyon College

"Wow. I love your CD. Somehow it took me right back to the Camino. The words are special but I really felt like it was the music that transported me onto the path!" Sue Kenney

"A gem. The style is mainly rock, but it does vary in style with some lovely mood pieces too. It really holds together beautifully as a work. A lot of memories of the Camino came flooding back to me as I listened." John Mifsud

"Excellent disc! Receiving plenty of airplay." David McCrory, 105.9fm, Australia

"Great songs on a great CD. " George Young, Country Club Productions Pty LTD, Australia

"Foreign Country"

"The Nature of the Beast"

a few of the reviews and radio playlists

(****1/2) After a three-year wait, one left released their 2000 album Foreign Country. This album has a stronger presence and focus, with each song aimed toward a regional musical style. A couple of the songs have a Spanish or flamenco flavor, with fine examples of this style found on "Holy Land" and "Los Bonitas Senoritas," which have very danceable beats layered with some heavy guitar riffs. On the knee-slapping "Girl From Memphis," one left takes a wide spin to the country style, showing how much talent and originality can be found in this band. There are nice production touches throughout the album: the standout "Show Me a Night" adds cello and keyboards, and "Slide Back" has some fantastically melodic slide guitar. Overall, the album gives the listener a full spectrum of fine '90s pop/rock. Riley McMahon has some hot chops and amazing riffs in his guitar vocabulary that will serve to educate and entertain many a guitarist. In Rick Rowland's vocals the listener will find some young Dylan-esque qualities, thereby giving one left a sound comparable to the Wallflowers. Percussionist Sven Abow is a virtual metronome, and bassist Eric Liefert brings not only the sound of the electric bass, but can also play standup and bowed bass. one left has put together a great album in Foreign Country, and it is well worth the cost for so much fine music. -- All Music Guide

(****) This album is a classic example of guitar rock and roll music at it's finest. The bassist and drummer are always a very tight rhythm section on track after track. The lyrics sometimes carry a dark message that tend to make the listener think about the dark side of things in life. Some of the highlights of the album are tunes like "Silver Stones" which has a medieval quality to it with some strings tossed in for color." The Walls of Babylon" with it's latin rhythm give the tune a very danceable beat, along with the catchy melody that will get the listener singing along. Another tune that is sure to grab your attention is "Calle Ontario" which has some Country feel to it as well as a Calypso rhythm. This song shows just how variable and flexible these musicians are, not to mention the talent they possess. "Sail Away" is a tune that gives the listener a chance to hear each member of the band showcase their wares and talents. Each of the members compliments each other making the complete sound full and colorful. ... This is an album that uses a variety of musical styles, but always is strongly set in the rock & roll genre...We should consider ourselves honored to be in the time frame which allows us to be able to experience such a band as one left, because a band like this is few and far between. -- All Music Guide

"Located in Washington, DC, one left offers melodic and well crafted songs that are very un-American in sound. Beautiful songs, sung and produced in a way that recalls delicacies from the past such as Steve Harley, Go Betweens and even Leonard Cohen... The lyrics are acute and penetrating." --Ruta 66 (Ruta 66 is one of the largest monthly music magazines in Spain - translation by Sergio Ardanza).

"I waited with great anticipation for the release of "Foreign Country". Finally it arrived in the mail,and I couldn't wait to pop it in and give it a listen. This is how you're going to feel if you bought "The Nature of the Beast", get ready to experience the best tunes to come your way since then. I was blown away the first time I heard "Foreign Country", and each time I listen to it I pick out some extraordinary nuances. A band with this much talent does not come around every day. To reiterate what I said last time, One Left is going to be around for a long time. They have what it takes, solid musicianship and mega-talent in arranging and writing excellent songs. They have diversity so the listener never gets bored with their sound, but also have an original familiar feel in their songs... I can hardly wait for the next release, because I'm sure this copy will be well worn from play. Enjoy One Left's "Foreign Country"!!! (A++++) -- Chris, Downeast Record and CD Review "One Left is one of the few bands out there that can continually produce solid hits. The singer, Rick Rowland, really is talented. His writing is very poetic plus he really sounds like Dylan,which doesn't hurt him any. Riley McMahon,the lead guitarist,has some extremely well rounded chops. His fills and solos are especially genius. The bass, keyboard, and drummer make an excellent rhythm section. They all compliment the songs and one another really well. Finally, the extra players add a touch of color and diversity to this band. Without the cello's on "Show Me A Night" that song just wouldn't have the same effect and feeling on the listener. I highly recommend this album to everyone, but especially to those of you who like the Wallflowers. That is the one band I feel One Left resembles. I do believe that One Left has a hell of a lot more diversity and color than the Wallflowers, too. (A+++) -- Donna, Downeast Record and CD Review "Whew. This is mighty good for an independent release... The melodies...and particularly the phrasing and vocals...on this CD are way, way, WAY above average. And instead of some noisy alternative crap, this band presents music that would not be out of place at all on commercial radio. As an added plus, the lyrics are smart and insightful. Overall, this is a truly exceptional disc from this Washington, D.C. based band." babysue Magazine

"Literate, poetic and romantic (in the classic sense, not trashy novels) DC's One Left charts musical territory well explored by Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Robbie Robertson and Bruce Springsteen (minus the RB) nearly 20 years ago. It is a testament to the songwriting, playing and production of this self-released CD that One Left's music sounds young and fresh despite its middle-aged roots. As such, it's a good bet for any label or AAA radio programmer in search of the next Wallflowers -- ironically, One Left has more depth and substance than Dylan's kid has shown thus far." --Jim Santo's Demo Universe

"Moody pop, though generally upbeat (a well-done contradiction), with lyrics that are as incisive as any I've heard in quite some time. It's hard to be philosophical without getting trite once in a while, but One Left manages that trick deftly. And while the D.C. scene is one of the most diverse and fertile around, I sure wouldn't have expected a band like this...And the songs are the stars here. Stellar writing, which generally leads to a great album. No diversion from that here. ****1/2" Aiding and Abetting

"...a Leonard Cohen / Dire Straits / Velvet Underground tone to it, if you can imagine a blend of those artists. The music was real, and while good, chiefly served as a canvas for the words to spring off of. For it was the lyrics that got me. Covering two-thirds of the inside cover, each song was a dense paragraph, full of colorful words, literary allusions, and clever, intelligent phrasing... The title The Nature of the Beast represents the 12 songs as a collage of what life is, of what living in this world means...." --DCPages featured in the October '97 issue

"The Nature of the Beast (is) an exceptional piece of work. The album is a dark look at the world that many coffeehouse poets wish they could capture as eloquently. " --Music Scene "A great CD ... in our town you are quite famous!" --Mirela Ghitan, Studio Manager, Buzau 98.0 FM, Buzau, Romania "One Left is a guitar-bass-drums combo producing slow brooding compositions vaguely reminiscent of Mark Knofler's Dire Straits or a quiet reflective Bob Dylan; darkly enchanting with deeply textured emotions."Raging Smolder Music Review "If you yearn for American college-rock of the mid-period REM, Soul Asylum-with-an-edge variety then this is DEFINATELY the disc [Nature of the Beast] for you. There's 11 songs here, all solid, crafted works and...the lyrics are a cut above..." -- Jimmy's Riddle

"...The Nature of the Beast belongs with Springsteen's Nebraska, Leonard Cohen's The Future, and The Clash's London Calling. It reads like a social commentary book." --Anubis Times "...a collection of themes framed within rock...avantgarde.. and symphonic traits." Amazing Sounds

"Fantastic! Check our WEB site often for the playlists you will be on." --Yves Leys, Radio EXTRA Belgium

"Great CD - going straight to the playlist" --Keef, LCR Records Manager, Loughbourough, England "There are many fine tunes on it that will often appear on the airwaves of our broadcasting station and what we find the most smashing hit on your album: the title track "The Nature of the Beast" is soon going to be aired in our playlist." --Wojtek Maslanka - the Programme Chief of R.A.K. Radio, Cracow Poland Radio RAK "Hey left is doing just fine here at wmuc. we have an influx of new releases coming in day by day but it's still running with the big dogs...". --Amy Elizabeth WMUC University of Maryland "Thanks for the CD. We like it!. We have put it on our night shows for play."--Cork Radio, Ireland "Great stuff!. I will play it often in my shows." --Emmanuel Stranadica, Radio C, Les lens, France "I play it on my show called l'indie sociable all the time!" --Mark Kokocinzki - DJ, Radio Loisirs, Lez Lews, France "Thanks for your CD "The nature of the Beat". At this time you CD is play in journey one or two time per day." --Radio Brume, France "We have recieved your CD and play it quite a lot!" --Radio Virgo, Sweden "Hello! I am happy to inform you that we play your album. And personally I liked it!"--Jörgen Wiberg Station Manager Karlstad Student Radio


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